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About Peoplelink

      Welcome PeopleLink was established in September of 1991 as a non-profit, educational student exchange program. The primary program sponsored by PeopleLink is the short term "homestay" program. Also known as an "exchange student" program, participants stay may be as brief as a few days or for an entire year while attending high school or university. PeopleLink's homestay program provides each participant with total immersion in a culture and language different from his/her own.

After the homestay program there remains an understanding of another's culture world view and customs. With this awareness comes an increased tolerance of the differences between peoples and a heightened appreciation of the similarities. Ultimately, the lasting friendships that are formed are perhaps the most valuable part of the experience.

The three PeopleLink directors have between them over 50 years of homestay experience. It is their conviction that a culturally oriented educational program with close interaction between families, students, Teacher Guides, field personnel and the main office leads to a strong and rewarding program for all involved.

At the present time PeopleLink has worked with more than 1100 Teacher Guides all over the United States and Canada. All Teacher Guides maintain close contact with the main office and all families and students have access to the main office through telephone, host family and student evaluations. To facilitate communication PeopleLink has several multilingual staff members.

PeopleLink employees are located all over Canada and the United States. As in traditional employment PeopleLink carries insurance on its regular schedule employees.

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