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PeopleLink Teacher Guides

     A Teacher Guide (TG) works directly with the students and the host families, interviewing all prospective host families in their homes. This process usually lasts from one to two hours. The family submits an application to host including the names and phone numbers of two references from the community. Only after the successful completion of the interview, contacting the references and receiving positive referrals is the family invited to host. During the homestay the Teacher Guide acts as a liaison between the student and host family. The TG also arranges:

  • meeting the students upon arrival
  • locating a Study Center
  • organizing the mini-orientation on arrival day
  • organizing the Host Family Orientation
  • organizing Welcome and Farewell parties
  • arranging student transportation
  • teaching English As A Second Language
  • accompanying the students on all full-day trips and half-day activities
  • conducting afternoon activities, cultural exchanges and sports afternoons
  • escorting the students to the airport for departure
The TG is an Independent Contractor who is running his/her own business. Many TG's work with various homestay organizations in order to complete several groups during a year. The homestay organization contracts with the TG to be completely responsible for the group of students. PeopleLink provides suggestions as to some successful ways other TG's have completed certain facets of the groups but the final decision about how the group should be completed belongs to the TG. As an Independent Contractor, the TG signs a contract with PeopleLink that is completed once all goals have been met.

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