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Joining the PeopleLink Team

PeopleLink is always looking for qualified and interested individuals to work with our international students . PeopleLink has opportunities for full, part time and contract work.



Independent Contractors are contracted for a specific time period and program. They are not employees of PeopleLink and therefore not eligible for unemployment insurance and are responsible for self-employment and income taxes

Teacher Guide

  • seasonal
  • community based
  • locates host families
  • works directly with the students and the host families during the program
  • meets students upon arrival
  • conducts the welcome meeting, host family and student orientations
  • organizes and participates in welcome and farewell parties
  • coordinates student transportation
  • teaches English as a Second Language, focusing on culture and conversation
  • plans and conducts afternoon activities, cultural exchanges

  • accompanies the students on all day trips

  • compensated for recruiting host families $30. to $110. depending on program specifications

  • compensated for running the program $325.-$400 per week depending on program specifications, TG experience and age of participants
Academic Guide
  • 10 month commitment

  • community based

  • locates school willing to accept student

  • locates host family within specified school district

  • works directly with the students, the host families and the schools

  • conducts host family and student orientations
  • transports student to and from airport
  • meets regularly with student and host family
  • submits status and budget reports
  • $200. compensation for recruiting host family
  • $75. per month/per student compensation for program coordination


  • PeopleLink employees are located all over Canada and the United States.
  • As in traditional employment peopleLink carries insurance on its regular schedule employees.

Field Coordinator

  • part-time and full time positions available
  • home based position
  • supervises groups of students in local area
  • contracts with Teacher-Guides
  • monitors host family recruiting/deadlines
  • attends host family orientations and farewell parties
  • makes periodic visits to PeopleLink classrooms
  • completes organizational paperwork including budgets, itineraries, and final paperwork
  • acts as liaison between students, host families, TG's and the main office
Administrative Staff
  • main office, Petaluma Ca. positions periodically available
  • some home based positions also periodically available

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